Aimee Hillman is a London based, contemporary visual artist. While studying at Fine Arts College, Hillman indulged in different artist mediums such as fine art, photography, graphic design, film and textiles. Aimee very quickly became captivated when she was first taught photography, using an analogue camera and developing her work in a dark room. She attended Kingston University, London and Grand Valley State University, Michigan and graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Photography, 2017.

Hillman’s first solo exhibition, Blossom, was in January 2020 at The Royal Automobile Club located in London. Aimee was recognised by Paul Smith and a selection of her work from the exhibition went into Albemarle Street, as part of his collection.

She has an ability to transform vernacular subjects into seductive, compelling works of art and display an understanding of colour and composition. Drawn to the relationship between shadow and light, geometry, abstractness, and exaggerate colour, her work is constantly shifting attention.

Aimee incorporates her design abilities and influence from films, making her artwork original, atmospheric and pleasing to the eye. Her artwork exhibits the way she views life from an unfamiliar and unique perspective, allowing the audience to have an authentic visual experience.

Hillman’s film work captures moments from her every day, creating a poetic visual diary; exploring themes of love and lost memories, intimacy, nostalgia, adventure and youth. She likes to play with the idea of reality and romanticising, challenging the blurry fine line between the two.