‘How often is it people walk down a street and look up?’ My grandfather said this to me many times over the years as we were looking at some intricate detailing on the top of a building. Having this in mind, I began to pay attention to every detail and push myself to look beyond what I see. This idea of being oblivious to our surroundings, seemed very relatable when thinking about life in general. The people and the places that we come across day to day, are amount of appreciation. Have you ever found yourself surprised for not noticing something before, or realising that it’s literally been in front of you this whole time?

I chose to photograph buildings because I wanted to examine something mundane from my typical every day. I photograph what can be easily overlooked. I began to look at my subjects as if they were their own personalities with different characteristics, the way light influences them, the geometry and the relationship between colours. I want to transform the buildings and their details, through my perception, into a more conscious state and into art, to be appreciated. I want to show you what looking beyond for me, looks like.

I also want to have fun with this series by my choice of bold, pop colours and nostalgic tones. I intend for the outcome of my work to reflect my personality and demonstrate my creativity. I’m inspired by artists such as Miles Aldridge, Martin Parr, Wes Anderson, Stephen Shore, Todd Hido and William Eggleston.